Head office:
Postal code 400-0862
3-10-5 Asake, Kofu-shi,
Yamanashi-Ken, Japan
TEL:+81 055 232 3143
FAX:+81 055 232 3149
E-mail : kofu@imahashi.net

Postal code 184-8533
In KOGANEI Co., Ltd.
3-11-28 Midori-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo, Japan
TEL:+81 042 383 5517
FAX:+81 042 383 5518
E-mail : tokyo@imahashi.net



We established our company at Kofu-city in Yamahashi-prefecture in 1946.
Here in Yamanashi was the place a lot of crystals had unearthed. So we had suggestted to manufacture lapidary machines for process gemstones such as crystal and agate by local processor. Since then, we have been doing our best as a lapidary machine maker until today.

Recently, the demend of high technology on high-precision processing for brittel materials such as optical glass, ceramics, ferrite and cemented carbide have been raising.
The idea of lapidary processing leads up to the ultraprecision processing, so we have applied our technology and experience to it, and we have reached to the ultrahigh precision of processing of these materials.

Now we are manufacturing a lot variety of ultraprecision processing machines to products electronics parts and others and its needs have been increasing more and more..
We have been and will go on to produce our original machine with our technology and exprience aggressively, and to contribute to the industory in the new era.

Our best wish is to be your best business partner, we would like to express our thanks for your loyal patronage.

President Matsuzaki Masatoshi