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533 Hino, Hino, Tokyo, Japan
TEL:+81 042(582)1508
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E-mail : tokyo@imahashi.net

Postal code 400-0862
3-10-5 Asake, Kofu, Yamahashi, Japan
TEL:+81 055(232)3143
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E-mail : kofu@imahashi.net

The demend of high technology on high-precision processing for brittel materials such as optical glass, ceramics, ferrite and cemented carbide have been raising.
The idea of lapidary processing leads up to the ultraprecision processing, so we have applied our technology and experience to it, and we have reached to the ultrahigh precision of processing of these materials.

June 28th, 2019
KOGANEI CORPORATION has become our shareholder on June 28 and from now on, we are one of the member of the group company.
Taking this wonderful opportunity, we will renew the decision of all officers and strive to further the development of our business.
Thank you so much for your continuing support.
                                   President Masatoshi Matsuzaki

Dear all,
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you all for your visiting our booth of the 29th Japan Machine Tool Trade Fair, JIMTOF2018 at Tokyo Big Sight from Nov 1st to 6th.
Thanks to you all, the exhibition was able to be completed successfully. We could receive many valuable comments and opinions from the visiters.
We will strive to be able to lead to future sales activities.

Sincerely yours,
Noboru Imahashi, president